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Looms and Bridges

Here’s one snapshot of a 7-8 MakerEd classroom. The most elaborate Scratch+MakeyMakey project my class has ever seen reached something like alpha software and moved on to laying copper tape. Hence this, the most elaborate Bridges of Königsberg puzzle I’ve ever seen. I felt so math teacher proud about this. I laid down the law! Paths must not cross! There… Read More

Glowdoodlers! – MakerEd Monday Reshare

This article is a re-post from Josh Burker’s Blog of Musings.  Josh is a K-5 Educator and Lower School Coordinator of Academic Technology at an independent school in Westport, CT.  Thank you Josh for your permission to put your post up here on K12Makers.org! I want to run a project with my younger students using Glowdoodle and… Read More

Maker Faire, Here I Come

I’m headed to my first ever Maker Faire tomorrow morning, bright and early.  Despite having just returned from a 3-day-long field trip today, I’m getting up before 6 a.m. and heading to NYC. I’m very excited to be going and even participating in the Tales from the Front Lines panel organized by Jaymes Dec. I’m… Read More